Our vision is to create a platform of applications that address the convergence of operational assets (OT) and technology assets (IT), particularly in light industry, where asset reliability and availability is critical.

Technology Investor

Headquartered in Brisbane Australia, Techniche is an investment company that delivers value to shareholders by investing in profitable technology companies that materially improve business performance.

Our focus is on specialised, mission critical, intelligent and predictive, Business to Business (B2B) applications that drive down costs by decreasing redundant manual interventions and increasing value of data. These technologies are generally deeply embedded in our customer’s business and provide linkages to the Internet of Things to speed up and automate processes.

We employ an active management approach by working with and incentivising management to successfully grow the businesses organically and via strategic acquisitions.

Techniche has offices in Hamburg, Germany, Milton Keynes, UK, Chicago, USA, Melbourne and Australia.

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