New Urgent Technology Contract [ASX Market Release]

Urgent Technology Awarded Contract to Supply Maintenance Software to Leading UK Aged Care Home Provider [Read more]

Statseeker Version 5.1 Now Available [Statseeker Blog]

We’re excited! On behalf of the Statseeker team, we are pleased to announce the formal release of Statseeker Version 5.1. [Read more…]

New Securities Trading Policy [ASX Market Release]

The Company’s board of directors has approved and adopted a new Securities Trading Policy which is attached. [Read more]

Improve your Network Performance in 2017 [Statseeker Blog]

It’s early Monday morning and you are finishing up breakfast at your home. Suddenly, your smart phone begins to ring. A steady stream of messages arrives from various users at…

Considering new CAFM software? Five questions to ask yourself first [Urgent Blog]

Moving from an existing CAFM system or implementing a system for the first time can be a major step for most organizations. [Read more]

Get a Secure Grip on Your Virtual Infrastructure [Statseeker Blog]

Over the past year or so, many of our customers have been investigating and deploying cloud-based, and virtual network infrastructure, despite fears about potential increased security breaches. [Read more]

Network Downtime: More at Stake than Lost Revenue [Statseeker Blog]

What is the average cost of network downtime for your industry? Depending on the size and scope of your organization, in 2016 figures, most cost modeling and analysis show the…

Gaining Visibility on Malware Attacks [Statseeker Blog]

Unless you’re sleeping you know that cyber security is the single largest threat to your network uptime. [Read more…]

How BP’s gas station CMMS delivers costs savings of around $2m/year [Urgent Blog]

BP’s retail offer has changed significantly over the years, with every gas station now featuring a full convenience store. [Read more…]

Market Update – Sale of Urgent Technology Business [ASX Market Release]

Techniche Limited (ASX: TCN) advises that, further to its recent market announcement (on 8 November 2016), the non-binding proposal to sell the Company’s Urgent Technology business will not proceed and…